Information for Agents

Compensation Consultants, Ltd. is a non-insurance affiliated contract administration service provider. We do not vend insurance products. We are not your competition. In the insurance industry, insurance representatives and agencies view us as a “value added” service for themselves and their clients. They rely on us to impart our knowledge and expertise to their employers and employees in setting up these auxiliary benefit plans. Compensation Consultants, Ltd. will work with you to a design benefit packages that will achieve the goals of your employers and meet their employees needs. We deliver reliable, responsive and knowledgeable services at very competitive prices.

FSA eligible expenses and items as well as designing benefit packages has become very complicated with the advent of High Deductible Health Plans, HFSA’s, HRA’s and HSA’s. Explaining how one plan affects the other, interpreting IRS rules and accurate administration procedures all fall within our capabilities. Our state-of-the-art administration system interfaces with all of these plans seamlessly so participants perceive a combination of plans as one benefit package. Just as importantly, if you need to move your employer client to a different health care provider, participants will not have their service disrupted or need to be retrained to access out their benefit information.

We provide FREE non-obligatory quote for services. If you would like to try the “team” approach, we will go with you to explain the different plan design concepts to your employer clients. You need a partner you can trust. You can trust Compensation Consultants, Ltd.

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